Gurmukhi • Gurbani • Kirtan

Gurmukhi Classes

Gurmukhi School is completely FREE and is divided into 4 Levels as outlined below. Its opened to anyone from anywhere.

For online classes, we use Google Meet and Google Classroom to deliver synchronous and asynchronous lessons.

Level 1

Gurmukhi Alphabets, Colors, Numbers up to 10 and Mukta words (words without Matra)

Level 2

Matras, Simple Sentences, Words Comprehension, Numbers up to 25, Days Months, Seasons, Fruits, Vegetables, Body Parts etc

Level 3

Reading/Writing Comprehension


Learn to read Various Baani, Vaara, Guru Granth Sahib Ji


Due to COVID-19 we haven't started this online yet

Online Classes Schedule

Level 1, 2 & 3 - Classes take place on Saturdays at 10AM MST.

Santhya Class - Every Saturdays

All materials are uploaded to Google Classroom so kids can practice and learn on their own pace during the week